Elettrotecnica Inverter Parker

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AC650 Series inverters provide control of asynchronous motors with exceptional price/performance ratio in all applications that require standard functions in motor speed regulation. The AC650 has a compact design and is equipped with a DIN rail for easy mounting and integration into the electrical cabinet. The operator/programming keypad is easily removed after setup so as to avoid unauthorized configuration changes. For speed control, in a simple way, up to 7.5kW the AC650 is configured and put into operation in a very short time.

– Integrated operator panel with option for remote mounting
– Internal EMC filter capable of ensuring compliance in compact size
– Flexible I/O management including thermistor input and configurable digital relay output
– Preloaded application macros for quick and easy installation
– DIN rail mounting for quick integration into the control cabinet
– Cloning module 6514 (option) for saving and transferring parameters between different inverters

– Operator panel control and diagnostics
– Facilitated operation by preloaded application macros :
– Basic speed control : voltage or current speed reference with run/stop and digital directions
– Manual / Automatic control : alternate speed request between a local and a remote reference
– Speed presets : select up to 8 speed references via combination of digital inputs
– PID control : control of pressure, flow, temperature and others by feedback transducer monitoring