Brushless Parker motors

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Brushless Parker Motors MB Series

The high-performance MB brushless servo motor series is designed to combine the traditional reliability of Parker Hannifin products with the high performance typical of the most advanced servo drives.

The large oversized mechanics, low inertia embedded in a high-strength mechanics, and wide range enable applications in any field where high dynamics and maximum reliability are critical. Typical applications include any type of automatic machine, especially in packaging, handling, and any application where speed and axis synchronism is required.

An essential factor in the use of MB series motors in this type of application is the high quality and energy of the Neodymium-iron-boron magnets used, which enable them to withstand high overloads without risk of demagnetization, thanks in part to the encapsulation methodology used to attach them to the motor shaft.

The series is homogeneous with torques from0.2 to 90Nm, speeds up to 10000 rpm,75 models in 5 shaft heights with flexibility of shaft size and flanges on the various models.

Because of the breadth of possible options, the customer can build the engine to make it as suitable as possible for each type of application at all times.